Funnelin combines it’s software with it’s experience and can offer a fully outsourced prospecting service on the LinkedIn platform.

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Slide Want This? Book a Call Watch the video The honest truth is that it takes time.

BUT once you break through that barrier you can achieve it again, & again & again!

LinkedIn Marketing

We specialise in LinkedIn Outreach & LinkedIn Content Creation.


Facebook Ads

Re-target your LinkedIn Network on Facebook & also create lookalike audiences to target people similar to your connections!


Funnel Creation

We don't stop there. Our team can create bespoke landing pages, funnels and send all leads to our custom CRM system.

Your Prospects Buy Relationships

It's pretty straightforward - With the majority of B2B businesses your prospects buy into you as a person before they'll buy from your business. The old Connect & Pitch doesn't work and it never has... We're helping business professionals grow their networks without spamming people, create awesome personal brands through content & then retargeting via Facebook ads.

Want To Get More From Your B2B Lead Gen?

Our Services Explained

Starting with LinkedIn, we transform accounts into prospecting machines! Through LinkedIn outreach, we'll send out around 1,500-2,000 connection request per month. Of which around 30% will accept (500 new connections per month). Depending on your strategy, we can send ``ice breaker`` messages to all new connections to get a conversation started - We DON'T Connect & Pitch. If any conversations get started, our team will actually manage your LinkedIn inbox for you and send leads to wherever they need to go. Our team also integrates into your CRM so that as you gain new connections and start new conversations we can pass those opportunities through to your sales pipeline. Next, our team will create awesome content for your LinkedIn profiles to ensure you stay front-of-mind and engage your current network. To top it off, we'll retarget your LinkedIn connections via Facebook ads create a cross-platform advertising strategy and combines the costs of Facebook with the quality of LinkedIn! Each of our Packages are a rolling contract & based on managing 1 LinkedIn profile. This is to give you an indication of our pricing structure - Your quote may be slightly different.

What you get

Phase 1

LinkedIn Outreach Campaigns Set-Up

LinkedIn Content Set Up

Facebook Ads Set-Up

CRM Set-Up

Landing Page Set-Up

Personal Dashboard Access

Phase 2

Integrate All Systems Together

Create Split-test Campaigns

Phase 3

Measure Results

Scale-up What Works

Switch Off What Doesn’t

LinkedIn Outreach

1500/2,000 outbound requests per month

Approximately 500 new connections per month

Campaign Set Up

Personal Dashboard Access

Dedicated Account Manager

LinkedIn Inbox Management

CRM Integration

Content Creation

3 Engaging Posts Per Week

Strategic Support

Dedicated Account Manager

Facebook Ads

Retarget LinkedIn Audience Via Facebook

Facebook Ad Creation

Facebook Ad Management

CRM Integration

Bespoke Landing Pages

Access to CRM

Sales Pipeline Creation

Calendar Link Creation

Fiaz Sadiq - Business Coach

Monthly Stats:
• 495 New Connections
• 199 New Conversations
• 3 High Ticket Sales Opportunities in 2 weeks

Andrew Key - Performance Coach

Monthly Stats:
• 567 New Connections
• 176 New Conversations
• 40 Webinar Invites Sent
• 2-4 HOT Leads Per Day

Chris Mcnamara - Business Owner

Monthly Stats:
• 572 New Connections
• 102 New Conversations
• 31 prospects booking in calls

Oliver Duffy Lee - Marketing Consultant

Average Monthly Stats For Clients:
• 500 New Connections
• 200 New Conversations
• 40 Leads

Beverley Locket - Owner & Managing Director

Monthly Stats:
• 514 New Connections
• 154 New Conversations
• 37 Leads

Want To Know More About Us?

Click the link below and book an appointment with our team that can talk you through how we could help your business and answer any questions that you may have.