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5-Step Process to get High-Paying clients right off of Facebook!

By popular demand, here it is guys!

Our stupid simple, 5-step process to get high-paying clients right off of Facebook!:

Step 1. Find your dream clients.

Nearly everyone is on Facebook and it’s super easy to find them. Just simply search for Facebook groups where your dream clients might be hanging out and join those groups! Try to focus on only about 3-5 highly engaged groups.


Step 2. Provide value in those groups.

Now we want you to be the cool cat in those groups and the cool cats are the people that add some sort of value to the group.
They genuinely help people out by commenting on questions that people might have with valuable insight or by posting helpful content.


Step 3. Make Friends!
Go into those groups and add 50 friends every day that might be interested in your product or service! Send out 50 friend requests to your dream clients every day!


Step 4. Send a Welcome Message!
Once your new friends accept your friend request, then shoot them a welcome message and start a conversation right through Messenger! (Try to send out at least 20 every day)


Step 5. Present an Offer
Once you’ve started the conversation, all you have to do is steer the conversation in Messenger and either get them on a phone call to sell your services or, in many instances, you might even be able to sell your products right there through Messenger!
And there it is guys! You can start doing this today!


Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the strategy guys. I, and many other online entrepreneurs, have done EXACTLY THIS to build 6, or even 7-figure businesses right off of Facebook!


Okay now for the good part!


We were really hesitant to share this because it’s kinda like a secret weapon…

But to be honest, the creator of the chrome extension is a good friend of ours and we wanted to help him out (plus he has a freaking amazing affiliate program lol)…


So we decided to share it…

Here’s the deal, it used to take organic marketers like us, 4 – 6 hours every single day to manage this entire process, and it was messy and hard to follow up with leads..

But now, ever since I discovered Pepper, I’m able to do this entire process in like 30 min every single day!


Here’s how Pepper works…


First she automatically targets your dream clients directly inside of Facebook Groups based off of certain keywords…


Then she automatically sends these prospects a friend request for you!


Then once they accept your friend request, you can have Pepper automatically send them a welcome message in Messenger (get this, WITH their FIRST NAME!)


Now if that wasn’t cool enough, she even has a built-in CRM that you can use directly inside of Messenger so you can keep track of your sales process and never lose a Messenger sale again!


So again, like I had mentioned, although I feel like I no longer have the secret weapon all to myself, I do know that it’s going to help so many more online entrepreneurs grow their business organically and ultimately, that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?
Helping out.


So don’t say that we never did anything for you!


If you want the link to check out Pepper and sign up for a 14-Day Free Trial, then simply click the link! –


If you decide to sign up through our link, we’ll give you a special surprise that’ll help you book more calls and make more sales using Pepper ??

Trial Pepper for 14 days FREE!

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