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Whether you are a B2B beginner or an experienced social media networker, there are plenty of LinkedIn mistakes to avoid. The truth is that very few people have been trained on LinkedIn, so they don’t always realise when they are making fundamental errors. By learning some best practice, hopefully you will become more confident and more popular on the world’s leading

How to delete a LinkedIn account? This is one of the most commonly asked questions by users, so here is our step-by-step guide. Now, there are many reasons why you might want to delete a LinkedIn account. For example, you could be changing career and moving into a completely new sector. This means your current connections are no longer relevant and

Thousands of blogs and articles have been published by social media experts on content ideas, but when is the best time to post on LinkedIn? Everyone knows that simply having great content isn’t enough to generate tonnes of views and engagement. There are many other factors at work, such as the number of followers and the algorithms of the social media

This September, business professionals went back to school as a LinkedIn design update unveiled a host of new features, including stories. It has been five years since its last major LinkedIn design update, and the Microsoft-owned company says that the latest changes are aimed at making the LinkedIn user experience more “easy, inclusive, enjoyable”. If you get confused when your local

The LinkedIn universe is growing and evolving every day, so it pays to keep up with the latest updates to the platform. One of the most recent changes affects the location settings, read on to find out more…. Some of you may have noticed that your precise location has changed on LinkedIn. Don’t worry, you haven’t altered a setting by mistake,

LinkedIn automation tools are designed to help users to make the most of the world’s leading B2B platform. But how do you know which one is best? Fortunately, the biggest brains at Funnelin are here to help… Whether you are creating posts or sending messages to connections, make your LinkedIn experience faster and easier with some helpful software. As well as