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linkedin automation tools

The lowdown on LinkedIn automation tools

LinkedIn automation tools are designed to help users to make the most of the world’s leading B2B platform. But how do you know which one is best? Fortunately, the biggest brains at Funnelin are here to help…

Whether you are creating posts or sending messages to connections, make your LinkedIn experience faster and easier with some helpful software. As well as dealing with dull, repetitive tasks, today’s LinkedIn automation tools can make lead generation a doddle.


Simple and easy to use, SocialPilot is perfect for users who want help with creating and scheduling posts. It also provides a bucket of data so you can review the performance of your posts and company page, helping you to set key targets for engagement etc.

Linked Helper

This clever LinkedIn automation tool has some really cool features, such as adding a signature to your messages for that professional touch. You can quickly endorse your contacts, which in return should result in lots of endorsements for your company. Also, there is an auto mailing system and a lists manager to help you build lead generation funnels.


Ideal for sales teams looking to raise their lead generation game, Zopto is a top LinkedIn automation tool. The cloud-based software is easy to set up, although you do need a LinkedIn Premium or Sales Navigator account. Zopto is great at targeting ideal clients for your marketing campaign, drastically reducing the time it takes to research leads.


If you want to know more about your potential customers, then Crystal is the LinkedIn automation tool for you. Marketing professionals love the fact that Crystal offers the ability to predict someone’s personality from their LinkedIn profile. This allows you to tailor the tone of your communication with the appropriate sales message.


One of the more popular LinkedIn automation tools, Dux-Soup turns finding and nurturing your leads into an organised and logical process. Personalise your automated messages with images and add notes about each lead to help you tailor conversations.


Compared to some other LinkedIn automation tools, Attach is a simple feature which focuses on the actions of users who have viewed your LinkedIn content. When you attach a document to a message, you can see what pages were read and how much time was spent reading the attachment.


IFTTT, which is short for If This Then That, is a LinkedIn automation tool which offers a range of ‘recipes’ to social media marketeers. This means you don’t need to be a geek to set up tasks, such as sending email newsletters or automated messages.

Finally… Funnelin

If you really want to fully automate your whole prospecting process, then Funnelin could be a great fit for you. We don’t just send out connection requests and automated messages, we also have a team of dedicated assistants who can manage your inbox and respond to all your conversations! We integrate into almost any CRM system, making the journey from prospect to closed sale as seamless as ever.

If you want more leads from LinkedIn, contact us for a FREE consultation

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