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Top 10 LinkedIn mistakes to avoid

Whether you are a B2B beginner or an experienced social media networker, there are plenty of LinkedIn mistakes to avoid.

The truth is that very few people have been trained on LinkedIn, so they don’t always realise when they are making fundamental errors. By learning some best practice, hopefully you will become more confident and more popular on the world’s leading business platform.

1. No picture

There is no excuse for not having a LinkedIn profile photo. Remember to keep it simple and professional – avoid logos or a favourite holiday photo. The photo will appear very small on screen, so a tight head and shoulders shot is ideal.

2. Dull description

You only have a couple of seconds to impress a visitor to your profile, so the wording of your headline and summary is crucial. Grab the reader’s attention and encourage them to connect and get in touch with you.

3. Symbols or acronyms after your name

Another LinkedIn mistake is to put extra info in your name field can confuse people and make you harder to find in searches. No-one likes show-offs with letters after their name, while symbols make your profile appear unprofessional. The exceptions are maiden names and nicknames (especially if no-one uses your real first name).

4. Me, me, me

Making your profile all about you is a common LinkedIn mistake. Nobody cares about where you went to school or your first job. Think about your target audience and tailor your profile to explain how you can offer solutions to your customers.

5. No recommendations

Show proof of your skills by getting your customers or trusted partners to supply recommendations and endorsements. Having positive testimonials on your profile gives you credibility and can boost your search ranking.

6. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Once you have gone to the trouble of setting up a LinkedIn account, you need to use it and start posting. Nothing will turn off potential clients quicker than an inactive profile. Start engaging, post regularly, join groups and write a long-form article.

7. Posting too much

The flip side of the coin is to post multiple times a day. This fills up the timeline of your connections and will annoy them, forcing them to hide your updates. Avoid too much personal information such as holiday or pet snaps, remember that LinkedIn is a professional network.

8. Connection requests

Target relevant people in your industry and personalise your invites to increase the chances of them accepting. Do your research and explain why it is beneficial for them to accept. You’ll send out fewer invites, but there’s more chance of them accepting.

9. Accepting connections

You will receive plenty of connection requests from people you don’t know. Be careful not to have too many connections who are not relevant to your business. Focus on quality and ask new connections for a virtual meeting to start building a relationship.

10. Stop spamming

There are software tools you can use to send out blanket emails to all your connections. You might get a response, but you will also annoy people who are not interested in what you have to offer. Ask yourself, what is the benefit to them?

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