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LinkedIn pulse channels

Direct traffic to your website with LinkedIn Pulse channels

Are you disappointed by the amount of traffic reaching your website? Take your marketing strategy to the next level by using the LinkedIn Pulse channels.

Although it sounds like an 1980s nightclub, LinkedIn Pulse is a tried and tested content marketing tool which can help your business to reach new audiences. What makes it so useful is that LinkedIn designed its Pulse channels to promote engagement by reaching new audiences.

What is LinkedIn Pulse?

LinkedIn Pulse acts like a platform for bloggers and was originally designed as a forum for analysis into current global issues, with contributions from leading figures in business and politics. Contributors have included then US President Barack Obama and Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

Once a separate feature of the social media platform, an update in 2017 meant LinkedIn Pulse was integrated into every user’s newsfeed. This enabled users to see Pulse updates immediately, rather than navigating away from the home page.

How do I use LinkedIn Pulse?

LinkedIn Pulse is so well integrated into the platform that most people don’t know it exists. Simply visit your LinkedIn home page and at the side of the page you will see a box entitled ‘Today’s news and views’, this is content LinkedIn thinks will interest you.

When you want to follow a person or company, you can click on the ‘Follow’ button or the blue “+” symbol situated next to their name. LinkedIn may also provide suggestions for you to follow in a box at the top-right corner of your home page. Click on ‘View All Recommendations’ to see more suggestions or visit  

Can I post an article on LinkedIn Pulse?

You can publish on LinkedIn Pulse from your home page, underneath ‘Start a post’ is a menu which includes a ‘Write article’ button. This opens a new window, which looks similar to a new WordPress post. From the top, you can add an image and a headline for your article.

Move down and start writing your article in the ‘Write here’ section. We recommend writing your article in a separate Word document, which will give you time to make any amendments.

When you are happy with your article, you can add more images or even a video or infographic. Don’t forget to format the article with the right paragraph styles, block quotes and sub-headings, which are all available in the toolbar.

Remember to add a hyperlink to your article, so visitors can be directed to your website.


Think of LinkedIn Pulse as a cross between a platform for bloggers and an online magazine, with channels covering popular business topics such as leadership, marketing and finance.

The various channels attract millions of followers and your goal is to have your blog selected by one of the LinkedIn editors who will promote your article, greatly increasing your reach. Aim to provide a unique insight into your industry by commenting on the latest news or other topical issues.

Finally, don’t be afraid to have an opinion but back your views up with relevant facts and data.

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