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10 top tips to increase your website traffic using LinkedIn

Everyone knows that LinkedIn is the leading B2B platform on the planet, but did you know that it is also a wonderful tool to boost your website traffic?

Boasting 675 million monthly users, it is hardly surprising that more and more marketeers are using the power of the LinkedIn platform to direct traffic to their online offering. With LinkedIn in your arsenal, your website has a higher chance of reaching your target audience and creating leads and sales.

Here are our top 10 tips to increase your website traffic using LinkedIn:

#1 Complete your profile

People won’t visit your website if you have a poor LinkedIn profile page. First impressions count, so ensure your profile has the right branding with a banner image, logo and an engaging description of your business. Ensure your contact details are correct and include a link to your blog and your website.

#2 Create content

You will only get noticed on LinkedIn if you post regular content for your connections to see and share. For example, you could promote your latest blog on your website or simply post an article directly on LinkedIn (remember to include a website link).

Other content ideas include sharing industry news, creating polls, starting discussions on interesting topics or offering advice.

#3 Become an expert

Promote your industry knowledge by searching for popular posts which ask questions, or have prompted discussions in the comments section. By regularly answering questions and providing useful advice you can quickly establish yourself as an industry leader. Ideally, refer people to a relevant blog or LinkedIn article.

#4. Publish work examples on your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn allows you to share documents on your profile, so take the opportunity to showcase your work. New connections will visit your profile page before your website, so make it as inviting and informative as possible. Whether it’s work samples or case studies, direct visitors to find more information on your website.

#5 Make recommendations

Spread positive energy among your connections by recommending other people who are good at their job. By giving others a personal thumbs up, you can build high-quality network of people who will most likely recommend you in return. These positive testimonials will mean more people will be interested in your website.

#6 Join a LinkedIn group

If you want to reach your target audience, joining a LinkedIn group is a powerful, and often overlooked, tool which every user should exploit. There are 1.5 million LinkedIn groups which coverr every conceivable subject, so find the right one for your desired audience and start engaging with like-minded people who could be interested in your services.

#7 Create a LinkedIn Group

Once you have established yourself in your industry, the next step is to create your own LinkedIn group. The great thing is that because you are the admin of the group, you can carefully select the members by only accepting requests from connections in your target audience.

#8 Use LinkedIn tools

There is a range of clever tools which can help you increase traffic to your website. For example, LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows you to search and track leads, meaning you can target the top people in your industry.

Dux-Soup automatically views your LinkedIn prospect profiles, endorses their skills, follows their LinkedIn activity and sends personalised messages on your behalf.

LinMailPro is a Chrome extension which allows you to find and invite anyone who has viewed your profile. This means you can convert your LinkedIn profile views into website traffic.

#9 Grow your network

When it comes to connections, you want to target quality over quantity. Firstly, invite people you know or have met at networking events, then cast your net further for people who fit your ideal customer profile. Write a brief introduction which includes a link to your website.

#10 Follow LinkedIn influencers

Follow and learn from LinkedIn influencers in your industry. By sharing and commenting on their posts, you will be seen as an industry expert, which will build your reputation. Give your business more visibility by engaging with LinkedIn’s most popular people.

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